Inspired by luxury yachts ,architects choose for the atmosphere of ship interiors with floor panels for offices, bathrooms and luxurious bedrooms.

Lambri as a supplier for interior design and yacht building offers a flooring product range that is produced in the form of plates and panels with a tongue & Groove connection.

Lambri produces two special floors; Through and through coloured MDF and mosaic patterns with a real wood top layer. Both based on the project specification.

Lambri-floor ® type Solid

Teak on a ship is a symbol of quality and durability. The type of wood is unique and can be applied in damp areas with a special protective oil based coating. The base panel consists of a ESW MDF Tricoya or a ESW waterproof glued Okoume plywood. The top layer has a thickness of approx. 2,4 mm Teak veneer. For decoration and non-slip, c/c 55 mm and 5 mm grooves are made. These grooves are filled with black polyurethane rubber.  

Lambri-floor ® – type Prestige

Real wood floors bring atmosphere and gives the Interior a warm appearance. Type “Prestige” has a top layer of natural OV (organic veneer) Teak, mahogany, Maple or Ash veneer in combination with a black wood band. The core consists of a moisture-proof MDF MR or a ESW Okoume plywood. After CNC milling of 5 mm  wide groove centre to centre 55 mm , the wooden band is glued following ancient crafts. This makes the dimensioning accurate. Subsequently a matte wear-resistant UV-poly-acrylate layer is applied. If desired, another coating can be added after installation.

Lambri-floor ® – type Extreme

For intensively used floor the type of “Extreme” offers many practical benefits. The top layer of this floor panel consists of a “high pressure laminate” plastic HPL panel with a wood pattern and contrasting band. The plastic is colour fast, scratch-resistant and maintenance-free. The reverse side is also made of HPL. This hard top layers are pressed on a ESW MDF V313 or ESW Birch plywood. Both base plates are moisture resistant and suitable for gluing to a sub floor. Available in décors Teak, Cherry and Maple. Only available as panels approx. 250 x 122 cm.

Lambri-floor ® – type Colour

MDF through-and-through coloured in black, grey, brown, blue, red, green and orange with a wear-resistant matt coating suitable for floors. By combining colours and shapes a playful and particular design can be created. The panels are glued to a sub floor.

Lambri-floor ® – type Mosaic

Palaces like Versailles inspired architects to a particular design, using a combination of shapes and wood types. Veneers of over 2,4 mm are glued to an ESW HDF plate and then exactly cut out with CNC technique. Then the shapes are glued together in mosaic patterns on an ESW Birch plywood base plate and precision CNC milled. The ready-made elements can be seamlessly connected. Choice of floating or glued to a suitable sub floor. Old craftsmanship industrially produced.

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