The factory of Lambri in Lelystad (Netherlands) was built in 2008. The total production floor area covers over 95800 sq feet. Machines are operated by skilled and experienced staff and take care of processing the sheet materials, veneer, HPL and other raw materials. The coating Department provides the finishing touch.

It is possible for partners of Lambri to use the machine park.

From practice it shows that partners like to take advantage of the experience of Lambri for the following actions:

  • processing of supplied veneer, selected by the architect at the veneer producer, to joined panels in half-measure or half-measures.
  • pressing of supplied HPL on base plates.
  • calibrating of plywood on equal thickness supplied for further processing elsewhere.
  • round angled cutting for supplied sheet material.
  • edge bandis of supplied veneered panels, melamine décor sheets and panels with HPL top layer.
  • making construction drilling’s and milling’s with CNC machines.
  • sanding and priming of (veneered) panels. Finishes and packaging.
  • assembling of components to semi-finished products.

Applications for machining and contract work by Lambri are submitted by the Project Office. Please do not hesitate to contact them on. Before the activities to start it is discussed and confirmed what must happen, who is looking after which materials, what the price is for the work and the time of the process demands. In short, clear agreements in advance. If required Lambri can ensure transport as from Lelystad to the place of destination.

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Building Lambri Lelystad

Pressing of veneer

Formatting and side band material

Varnish street

Varnish street - final result

Protective fleece between panels for transport