Finishing Touch

Machine Varnish

Painting veneered boards and panels requires knowledge of wood, sanding techniques and paint methods. Lambri can do the painting for interior designers, furniture makers, yacht builders and other professionals.

Lambri is the only manufacturer in the Netherlands that owns a painting facility, where the veneered boards/panels, plywood and MDF get a full treatment, involving:

  • sanding of the wood and brush cleaning the wood grain
  • applying a double primer coating in one process through using the BRF method
  • intermediate sanding of the primer coating, cleaning sanding dust
  • finishing with clear or pigmented paint coating, optionally deep matt, matt or satin.

We use a UV Polyacrylate paint; 100% solid, no solvents, scratch-resistant, colour stable, not yellowing, maintenance free and fire retardant.

Pre-painted and Sanded In

Veneered board panels, MDF and plywood are mechanically provided with a clear vapour-tight layer of primer. The primer coating protects the veneer against mechanical damage, moisture and dirt. Can be followed by machined sanding aft. After processing the boards/panels can be painted by the processor with one coat. Substantial savings with a better result compared to manual painting!

Pickling, Brushing, Oils, RAL/NCS colours

Part from the white painting of veneered boards/panels, MDF and plywood, the veneer can also be stained. Colour is added to the veneer by pickling. Next, a clear varnish is applied.

A new technique is “deep brushing” of oak, ash and pine grained veneer, in which the soft parts of the wood are removed. This gives the veneer a palpable structure. Afterwards a special deep matte lacquer or a mineral oil can be used as a protective layer.

RAL and NCS colours are more commonly used. And they combine beautifully with veneer. Custom-made MDF panels can be sprayed in any RAL or NCS colour at Lambri. Choice of matt or satin.

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