Expertise is the starting point for the production of special panel material. We have the in-house expertise at Lambri. Skilled and experienced staff and modern machinery guarantee the highest quality. Industrial products are produced according to the customer’s order.

Knowledge of Veneer, Panel Material and Finish

The veneer department is a separate discipline within Lambri. The veneer is purchased by its own specialists from PEFC/FSC certified veneer producers. About 40 types of wood are in stock. Engineered Solid Wood (ESW) chipboard, MDF and plywood and are made of solid wood with nearly all of the tree being used. Lambri knows what it is all about and works directly with the producers.

Veneer as a top layer on panel material is the speciality of Lambri. Upon the customer’s request finished in-house with a white or pigmented paint. But a top layer of HPL, melamine decor, cork or RAL/NCS colour is also possible.

The Customer is King

We would like to know what your needs are. So that a specific quote can be made. A factory visit in Lelystad and checking out the material is possible. Let us know you’re your wishes are.Please contact us!