Green Lambri

Green Lambri

Brings nature to you!

All good products find their origin in nature. Protecting and preserving nature is important to us. And this can be done by sparingly using wood.

And by being selective with remaining raw materials such as lacquer and glue. Not the cheapest solution, but the best is our starting point.

Engineered wood

A tree grows slowly. Engineered wood is therefore the best solution.
Every part of the tree can be used in making the base plates. Out of the stem as round wood we cut thin layers royal veneer for the visible top layer. Of 10 cubic feet round wood we make approx. 930 square feet of veneer!
With engineered wood instead of solid wood, far less trees need to be cut down. Engineered wood is form stable and entirely recyclable. And engineered wood is FSC® certified (SCS-COC-000652-XB) and FSC® C016391. Ask for FSC®-
certified products.
Through “chain of custody” we pass these benefits on to the customer.


It must more durable and greener. International standards are developed for this. At Lambri we know what it is all about. And we meet the requirements. LEED and BREEAM give credits for the customer. VOC guarantees that the products are harmless to the respiratory system. Cradle to cradle (CTC) proves that the products will be available again after use as new raw material. Together we make the world better.