Sound-insulating plates

Vibrations of the air created through sound energy such as voice, music, engines and machines . Too much sound energy leads to noise pollution. This can be tackled by absorbing and sound by sound insulation. produces a complete program for architects, installers and processors.


Absorption of sound can be done by panels with perforations and slots so that the sound energy through the Panel can be directed toward non-woven acoustic textile and stone/glass/polyester wool.

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For insulation of sound often a thick package of stone/glass wool is used in combination with drywall. That is not always necessary and often not desired. Lambri produces a program of mass-sandwich plates with which sound energy in the plate is contained and the noise reduced under the brand name Soundply®. The sandwich panels consist of a unique combination of plywood, a mass mat and an acoustic plastic adhesive. This creates a barrier between the sound source and the receiver

The application of Soundply ® is versatile.

Examples are:

  • wall at home/office refurbishment.
  • partition wall between rooms in order reduce noise from the next room.
  • housing of speaker boxes.
  • housing around noise sources such as engines and aggregates.
  • floor in a bus, train or ship to isolate and reduce vibration noise.

The Soundply® mass sandwich plates exist of different types. The material composition determines the degree of soundproofing. The thickness of the plywood and the mass mat is important. And the kind of mass mat; rubber or cork or a combination rubber-cork. The combination of the materials gives the product its unique features. Laboratory research at Peutz Institute by means of sound insulation testing has demonstrated the operation of the various types. For the results; see the chart

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