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Multiplex (plywood) exists of along and transversely glued cut veneers. This unique engineered solid wood (ESW) product is produced according to strict quality requirements in Europe.

Before the top layer of veneer or HPL décor can be applied, the plates are sanded by Lambri two-sided by calibration in order to avoid differences in thickness after pressing. The pressed MDF / HDF panel with veneer or HPL top layer is round cut by a machine. Veneered panels are also two-sided light sanded and are therefore ready to paint. Upon receipt, the customer can directly handle the plate. Lambri produces entirely according to the specification of the customer. Many combinations of plate thickness’s and designs are possible.

For the production only error-free cut veneers from reforestation areas are used. The cut veneers are cross-on glued together with a moisture-proof formaldehyde-free glue. The panel size of the industrial production of panel is 244/250 x 122 cm. Length 305 cm and other dimensions available to a limited degree on request.

Plywood base panels suitable for a top layer with veneer and HPL are:
Okoumé plywood

Top quality for every purpose. The density of approx. 480 kg/m³ and the unique characteristics of okoumé guarantee an easy to process and waterproof glued plywood. Especially in demand for the yacht-building industry. Can be used inside and outside.

Poplar plywood

FSC certified plywood with a density of approx. 430 kg/m³.  Poplar plywood is meant for a conditioned indoor application. The plywood is light in weight and easy to process. Widely used for interior construction and motor-yacht building.

Ceiba plywood

African lightweight plywood with a density of only approx. 330 kg/ m³ Easy to use and affordable. Particularly suitable for interior construction and stand construction.

Birch plywood

Thanks to a high density of approx. 680 kg/m³ and covered with many layers of rotary cut veneer, birch plywood is compact and strong. Excellent for use in furniture and interior design projects with a top layer of veneer or plastic HPL. But also well applicable as decorative plate material with a neutral or colour lacquer layer.

Fire safety

Plywood conforms according to the European class D-s3-d0. At extra cost Okoume, poplars and Birch plywood are also available as B-s2-d0 and conform to the building Act.

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