Acoustics by high sound absorption in combination with decorative groove pattern.

Walls and ceilings are essential for achieving acoustic comfort. The application of Topline® can be fully aligned with the combination of reflection, diffusion, and absorption to the requirements for the specific space. Topline® panels and cassettes include ESW MDF wood with on the visible side veneer, melamine décor or RAL / NCS colour.  The visible side shows symmetrical grooves and the opposite site has a design that allows for the passage of the sound energy. Black acoustic membrane allows for the transmission of sound energy into heat energy (acoustic principle). Which makes Topline® a unique concept, applicable everywhere for the realisation of a very special interior design.

Available in 5 models

The program consists of five models; TLD, TLS, TVB, TTA, TLQ

At model TLD the grooves are arranged on the visible side. The opposite side is closed. Applicable especially where reflection and partly diffusion of sound energy is necessary. The absorption is small. The TLD model can be combined with other models.

At the model TLS a small opening (oval shape) can be seen on the visibility side. This is achieved by a staggered single slot pattern from the opposite side.

The model TVB is resembling the TLS however now a double slot pattern is made, as a result of which the oval opening on the visible side remains hidden. Gives a serene image with high sound absorption.

At the model TTA round 8mm perforation is visible with to choice a regular or offset single drill pattern heart on heart 16  or 32 mm on the visible side. At the model TLQ is applied a double perforation; 1,5 mm on the face side and 5 mm on the opposite side. It gives a more serene image while maintaining high sound absorption.

The models are available in different versions

Topline® panels have a groove of 2,3 or 4 mm  on the visible side. The following versions are available:

  • 2 mm groove: 6/9, 9/2, 14/2, 30/2, 46/2.
  • 3 mm groove: 13/3, 29/3, 45/3
  • 4 mm groove: 12/4, 28/4, 44/4.

In models with a 4 mm groove, the brown MDF inner layer is visible. This can be too contrasting with a dark top layer. Black coloured MDF gives a better result in this case.

Engineered solid wood (ESW) MDF

MDF is a dimensionally stable material made of solid wood, in which all parts of the tree are used.

ESW MDF meets the most stringent requirements regarding fire safety and emissions. In addition , after many years of use still is completely recyclable. A special application is through-and-through coloured MDF. Available in the colours black, grey, blue, red, green and orange.

Many options for interior design

Topline ® provides freedom of design with different finishing possibilities.

  • top layer: veneer / melamine decor / coloured MDF.
  • finish: colour stain/lacquer mat or gloss/RAL or NCS colour.

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Acoustics a la carte

The acoustics of Topline® panels depend on the model and the implementation. By the combination of the open visible and reverse side, there is plenty of room for the passage of sound energy. A black film to the positions in combination with a sound absorbing material allow for high absorption values. The models are tested as wall and ceiling application. Want to know more about acoustics?

Easy to assemble





On T24 – profile                                                                                    On wooden battens 

Topline® panels with tongue and groove are delivered with mounting materials. The basic construction for walls consists of a wooden lath or metal omega profiles. Metal clamps connect the panels with the basic construction. After mounting an ongoing pattern is visible. At ceilings T-24 mm profiles can also be used in combination with turn-able clamps. For inspection hatches are made in the plenum. Topline removable cassettes are mounted with T-profiles and Z-profiles.The cassettes are individually removable after mounting, which allows full access to the plenum.

Sustainable manufacturing:

For the production of Topline® we exclusively use wood that satisfies to the directives of FSC/PEFC and comes from reforestation areas. In the manufacturing process only raw materials which are harmless to humans and the environment are used. During the production process green electricity is used and heat from the production process is reused. All rest materials are offered separately for full recycling. Topline complies with the principles of cradle-to-cradle.

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