Design and Acoustics by planks

Linear® for wall and ceiling consisting of wooden panels made of OSW solid wood or ESW laminated wood. Both can be equipped with a colour stain or clear coating or opaque colour.

At organic solid wood (OSW) the natural properties such as knobs, tassels and discolouration’s are visible. The structure is a mix of dosse and quartier sawn timber. Because solid wood is naturally distorted the width and thickness of the shelve size is limited. Fire safety by impregnation and/or a fire retardant paint system.

At engineered solid wood ESW you can choose from many types of wood (dosse or quartier).  And also a HPL/melamine décor is possible. By the form stability there is more freedom in the width and thickness dimension of the shelves. Fire safety by the MDF FR core in combination with a fire resistant paint system. For absorption of sound energy a fire retardant- sound permitting connection strip /fabric is placed between the shelves. Hides the technique above the ceiling and prevents building dust. Because of the “open space” between the panels the sound energy is absorbed, which ensures acoustic comfort.

Available in 3 models

Linear® single – exist of individual beams for walls and ceiling. To mount with metal screw clamps on a metal/wooden lath. Or mount with metal turn clamps on metal omega profiles or T-24 grid ceiling. Inspection hatches give access to the space behind the wall/above the ceiling. Special turn clamps make the shelves individually removable when applied in combination with T-24 profiles. After mounting the shelves the connection strip. Combination of panels of different widths and thicknesses is possible.

Linear® backer – exists of a combination of beams, where a in the factory a connection bar is glued and stapled tot the back as well as an acoustical canvas. The ready-to-use elements with a width of approx. 600 mm  are to be screwed on a lath of wood or metal. By the screw method each element can be individually disassembled. Especially suitable for schools and sports halls. Suitable for walls and ceilings. Combination of panels of different widths and thicknesses is possible.




Linear®  cassettes ready-for-use elements mounted from the bottom in a system ceiling existing from black T-24 profiles in a profession partitioning 600 x 600 mm  or 1200 x 600 mm or 1500 x 300 mm . Each element is individually removable. The open space with acoustic canvas provides the acoustics. Combination of panels of different widths and thicknesses is possible.


Linear offers architects freedom of design while maintaining acoustics
  • material: solid/veneer/HPL or melamine décor.
  • finish: colour stain/lacquer mat or gloss/RAL or NCS colour.
  • version: height/width and spacing of the slats.
For sound absorption sufficient open space is necessary.

Example: an open space of approx. 18% ensures a sound absorption value of NRC 0.55. The open spaces are calculated as follows : interspace shared width of beam + interspace. A spacing of 20 mm with a panel width of 90 mm gives an open space of 18%.

The open space can be increased by:

  • adjustment shelf width and gap.
  • create extra open space by introducing round perforations or slot patterns in the beam. Many possible models.

Take into account the minimum panel widths up to 65 mm and the maximum panel widths up to OSW of 120 mm and for ESW 290 mm. The spacing between the panels is determined by the metal clamps that are used for mounting. There is choice between 1/5/10/15/20/30 mm. The acoustic connection strip/canvas is standard black. Colour, white and grey are available on request.

We gladly advice and help architects during the design phase. Then samples are created to visualise the design. 

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