Flexible panels and corner profiles

Flexible panels and corner profiles

Corner profiles

At walls and furniture mostly round forms are applied. For round forms of a 90 degrees angle plywood angle profile are the most practical solution. Okoume cut veneers are glued in a mould and are built with veneer on the visible and opposite site. After pressing the profiles are sawn. The profiles are available with a radius of 30, 40, 70 and 100 mm.  The profiles can also be made to order with a top layer of HPL décor.




Lambriflex ® flexible panels are available as manufacturer’s plate and if veneered plate.

The construction panel exists of 3 layers cut veneer and can be bent in the breaths or length direction depending on the construction of the cut veneer For this quality product only error-free Ceiba manufactured rotary cut veneer are taken for the external sides and Koto rotary cut veneer for the core. The glue is low on formaldehyde. After pressing the plates are sawed and sanded. Compared to other flexible construction panels Lambriflex panels ®are more flexible and stronger.

Available in version along pliable” in the dimension of approx.250 x 122 cm, and transverse pliable” in size 122 x 250 cm. These designs are available with a short production time in thicknesses approx. 5,5 mm and 7 mm. 3,5 mm, 9 mm and 16 mm thickness’s can be produced on order, however a minimum purchase is required.  Please do not hesitate to contact us on

Lambriflex ® flexible veneered plates are available in three versions.
  • bending veneer consisting of veneer with a synthetic fibre membrane. End thickness sanded approx. 0,8 mm
  • bending plywood, consisting of 2 layers okoumé rotary cut veneer and 1 layer veneer on the visible side. End thickness sanded approx. 1,6 mm
  • bending-HDF, high density HDF core plate with veneer on the visible side and okoumé rotary cut veneer to the counter side. End thickness approx. 2,5 mm. Can also be produced as fire retardant B-s2-d0 and in blank lacquered version.

All described plates can be processed mechanically and glued together with contact glue or PVAC wood glue


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